The Botswana Resources Infrastructure Energy Forum (BRIEF) is positioned as the most successful resource networking event in Botswana. Endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security and the Botswana Chamber of Mines the conference offers delegates presentations from resource companies operating in Botswana and leading associated industry specialists. Following previous years successes BRIEF 2021 will see interactive panel discussions address the issues of the future of the resource sector and power generation in Botswana, the infrastructure challenges and opportunities presented to Botswana, the value of diamonds in the resource economy and more generically how Botswana can realise diverse investment opportunities.

What to expect

The Botswana Resources Infrastructure Energy Forum offers delegates a mix of presentations, exhibitions and meeting opportunities. The 2021 conference will provide the ultimate investment conference and networking forum for anyone interested in investing in Botswana. You should consider attending if you are a stakeholder in African Mining, Energy, Environmental and Infrastructure Projects, with a particular interest in Botswana: investors, resource professionals, government officials, financiers and industry related service providers and consultants.