James Campbell

Managing Director

Botswana Diamonds Plc


James Campbell is Managing Director of Botswana Diamonds plc and has spent over 30-years in the diamond industry in a variety of leadership roles. He is also a Non Executive Director of Shefa Yamim ATM. Previously he held leadership roles at Rockwell Diamonds Inc, Stellar Diamonds plc, Lucara Diamond Corp Inc, African Diamonds plc, West African Diamonds plc and De Beers where he spent over 20-years with notable appointments including Exploration General Manager and Nicky Oppenheimer’s Personal Assistant.

James holds degrees in Mining & Exploration Geology from the Royal School of Mines (Imperial College, London University) and an MBA with distinction from Durham University. James is a Fellow of the IOM3, SAIMM and IODSA. He is also a C.Eng (UK), C.Sci (UK) and Pr.Sci.Nat.”

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