Sharon Meyer

International Environmental Group Manager

GCS (Pty) Ltd


Sharon joined GCS as an Environmental Marketing Manager and has over 17 years’ experience as a Principal Environmental Assessment Practitioner within the consulting environment. The work experience that she has ranges from small urban development projects to large projects with multi-national team input. She has worked on various projects and her focus has been on coal and diamond mining, industrial waste management and power generation projects. Sharon has focused on innovation in industrial waste management in the mining and electricity generation sectors. She has worked in power generation on coal fired power stations, combined cycle gas plants, wind and hydroelectric scheme projects.

Sharon has skills and experiences in the following areas:

• Project management
• Strategic environmental assessment
• Resource management and allocation
• Technical review
• Business development
• Impact assessment
• Client engagement
• Management and integration
• Sustainability reporting and auditing
• Presentation and facilitation
• Environmental management and mitigation

Sharon has managed multi-disciplinary teams on projects of national and strategic importance, to comply with international funding requirements. She works closely with the client and authorities to identify practical and sustainable solutions to address business challenges.

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