Tumelo Sealetsa

Group Executive Director

Boswa Energy Africa


Tumelo Sean Sealetsa is the Founder and Group Executive Director for Boswa Energy Africa. Prior to this endeavour, the young Kanye native had spent a few years in South Africa where he honed his prowess as a businessman. After serving as a Director for GRD Fuels from 2014 to 2015, he moved on in the same capacity to Hertford Trading Enterprises: a group of companies that provides business solutions and products with specialization in a variety of industries such as petroleum retail, mining, energy, property development, hotels and resorts.
Mr Sealetsa’s venture into the energy sector developed further from his interactions with larger players in the energy industry such as Sasol and Mzesi Energy. He eventually founded Boswa Energy Africa, which began operations in February of 2017. The company deals primarily in the supply and distribution of petroleum and oil refinery products, with the main offices operating from Gaborone.

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