Terms and Conditions

  • Non-paying delegates are those delegates who are nominated by sponsors, or are invited speakers or media persons or other persons identified by Capital Conferences.
  • Within 48 hours of receipt of your registration, you will be issued with an invoice which will contain the banking details. If you do not receive an invoice within this time frame, please contact the registration office at colette@capresources.co.uk.
  • No Delegate will be able to gain admittance to the conference unless payment has been received. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your payment before the commencement of the conference. If not, kindly contact the registration office.
  • Delegates will be held personally liable for delegate registration fees. These fees are due even in the case of non-attendance of the conference, except if notification of cancellation has been received by the registration office.
  • Cancellations received by the registration office up to three weeks before the commencement of the conference will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the applicable registration fee; Cancellations received less than three weeks before the commencement of the conference will attract a cancellation fee of 100%.
  • Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Substitutions may be made, in advance or at the event with proper documentation. Proper documentation consists of a letter on company stationery displaying the name of the original delegate and the person who will be attending in his or her place.
  • Views expressed by speakers are their own. Capital Conferences cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to delegates.
  • It is the responsibility of the delegate to arrange appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at the conference. Capital Conferences cannot be held liable for any loss, liability or damage to personal property.
  • Suitcasing is the practice of actively soliciting attendees of a tradeshow or an event for business onsite without being a sponsor or exhibitor for instance by handling out flyers in hallways, leaving printed material on tables. For the benefit of delegates and the exhibitors supporting the event the only legitimate space to undertake soliciting for business is within an exhibition space. Attendees observed undertaking suitcasing will be removed from the event with no recourse.
  • If the conference is cancelled for any reason, except in the case of a force majeure (including but not limited to any act of terrorism, war, riot, civil commotion, compliance with any law or governmental order, fire, flood, inaccessibility to venue, storm or adverse weather strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes, disease, medical epidemics or outbreaks, delay in transit, power failure, postal delay), a full refund will be made.
  • You agree not to sell, trade or share your code or badge without prior approval from Capital Conferences (Pty) Limited.
  • Delegates are responsible for ensuring that any food or drink eaten or drunk at the venue complies with any personal dietary restriction, food intolerance or food allergy that they may have.
  • Whilst our programs are correct at the time of going to press, in certain circumstances it may be necessary for Capital Conferences (Pty) Ltd in its sole discretion to alter the content, venue, themes, programme, speakers, moderators or timing of an Event.
  • By registering as a delegate, attendees acknowledge and consent to their name, job title, company name and photograph, film or recording being published on the Capital Conferences (Pty) Limited affiliated websites, related promotional material in perpetuity and on the conference meeting system without further approval from you or payment to you. Personal data supplied is subject to relevant Data Protection legislation and other applicable data protection laws. The information supplied by you may be used for direct marketing purposes.

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